5 days in Bavaria, Germany

A small world between nature and german traditions. Here are our pictures and travel tips taken from our last trip in Germany… Please take a look : )

The Roadmap

Day 1: Neuschwanstein, town of Füssen, castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria
Day 2, Day 3:Grainau, Garmisch region, Zugspitze, hiking
Day 4, Day 5: Stuttgart, short city trip

1. First stop at Neuschwantein Castle

Day 1 : We picked a hostel almost at the foot of the castle. Convenient if you arrive like us in the late afternoon, no need to take the car for a ride to go to the castle.

NB: the quality/price ratio of the hotels close to the castle is not very good. We recommend if you arrive earlier than us to stay in Füssen. However, you will have to pay a parking fee near the castle (6€).

So we got motivated after having put down the suitcases to walk to the castle around 5pm. From our hotel (Romantic pension), allow a maximum of 30 minutes to climb the mountain path that leads to the castle.

To enjoy a great view: choose the path that leads to the “Marrienbrücke”, the view of the bridge is sublime!

Meal on the go and a good beer to close the walk in a biergarten just down the trails.

After dinner, go for a walk in Füssen during sunset, an adorable Bavarian town in pastel colours. Then stop at the church of St Colomane, very photogenic in the middle of the fields surrounded by mountains.

Neuschwanstein is the kind of castle that takes your breath away

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2. Second stop at Grainau

Day 2: We can only recommend Lake Schwansee, a protected natural area, a great 2 km walk very close to Füssen.
After this first step, we stop at the local supermarket to buy a picnic for later and drive to the Waschensee cable car (another superb lake, 1H20 away). Allow 12€ (or a few hours of hiking, starting upstream on the road), to climb up. Then, from up there, several hiking departures await you among the blue thistles in a beautiful alpine setting. Picnic with a superb panoramic view and hike to the top of Herzogstand. Second lake that can be seen on the other side of the slope: Lake Kochel. Breathtaking view of course:)! (NB: if you do not have a picnic, a panoramic restaurant is available on site 😉)

We head for the next stage: Grainau, very close to the Garmisch ski resort and Zugspitz, the highest peak in Germany. Check-in at the Zugspitze berghotel… And here we have an excellent surprise. The magnificent swimming pool and spa, after the hike, are very pleasant! The price in low season is correct for a 4-star hotel!

Day 3: Second day in the Garmisch/Grainau area. We hesitate to take the cable car to get to the top of the Zugspitze but the price of 50 € and the fact that we had already done it for the Herzogstand makes us a little cold.

Morning: departure for the Partnach gorges. Excursion that takes us about 2H. a tunnel dug in the rock allows us to pass the gorges from below. When leaving the gorges, either you retrace your steps or you can take the “Hoher weg” option (from above) and walk about 1H to come back by taking the big tour. Be careful it climbs a lot!

Note: on the way back, we spotted a hotel chalet in the heart of the mountain pastures in an idyllic setting that would have tempted us: the Graseck (why not settle there at least to eat at noon and enjoy the terrace…)

Then we go to the Geroldsee lake, a beautiful landscape. The tour of the lake is feasible in about 1 hour. Nice for a picnic.

Then we go to Lake Eibsee (lake tour in 2H) to see the sunset. Dinner in Grainau village.

Sunset at Eibsee 😀 @erwanmpic #amazing_shots #ig_world_photos #hot_shotz #visualambassadors #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #wanderlust #agameofthones #hello_worldpics #moodygrams #discover #awesome #Schwangau #Hohenschwangau #Neuschwanstein #baviere #bavaria #walchensee #kochel #trekking #randonnée #mountain #germany #geroldsee #lake #Wagenbrüchsee #eibsee #zugspitze #herschel

3. Small trip into the trip – Stuttgart

Day 4 & 5: Total change of scenery, we drive 3 hours to Stuttgart, our last stop and which brings us a little closer to our return destination. Visit the Mercedes Museum where the building is worth a visit even if you are not a car fan. Then, let’s go to the Stuttgart library, unique of its kind with, once again, an architecture worth a visit. Then walk and dinner in the city centre (see the castle).

Stuttgart library
Mercedes Benz Museum – Stuttgart

The highlights of this itinerary: the castles of Bavaria, the lake region, Garmish, which was an Olympic station, and Stuttgart to complete this bavarian loop

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