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A five days itinerary in Cinque terre

we had been planning a trip to the Cinque Terre and Portofino for a while now, for the beauty of the landscapes and atmospheres of the Italian Riviera, we definitely think that you should see it during your lifetime. 

Because Cinque terre is overtouristed in summer, we decided to go in January instead.  

Italian riviera
A sunset in Manarola - Cinque Terre - January

Our roadmap

Day 1: Arrival in Genoa Airport

Car rental from Genoa. In high season, we would have preferred the train because it must be so crowded or even impossible to drive… Installation in our hotel in Rapallo (downtown)- hotel Astoria, our perfect drop-off point for the 5 days. Rapallo is a central location to stay and perfect to visit all touristic attractions in the area.

At sunset, visit of the charming town of Portofino, a must-see during your stay in Cinque Terre.


A day visiting villages of Cinque terre: At first, Vernazza, then Rio Maggiore, and we finish the day in Manarola to admire the sunset. We choose to visit these ones for their diversity and because they are the most beautiful ones. Manarola is perfect at sunset. 


Day 3: Other coastal towns

 We drive to Santa Margherita and Camogli, Nice and relaxing coastal Villages. Less crowded than 5 Lands villages.  Lunch at Camogli where you can find a lot of fresh fish restaurants. 


Day 4: A day in Genoa

Genoa is the king of town where you can see the main attractions in one day. No need to stay there more. We began our day trip in Genoa by walking in “Bodacasse“, the fishermen district. We enjoyed a lot the authentic and quiet atmosphere. Then we spent some time doing shopping in Genoa. Evening and dinner back to Rapallo.

Day 5: Porto Venere & Sestri levante

Not part of the “Cinque Terre” villages, Porto venere & Sestri Levante are totally worth a look. >Very poetic & romantic coastal villages, we walked along the seaside and visited nice eateries all day long. A perfect day to finish our roadtrip in Italian Riviera…

Italian Riviera
Rio Maggiore - Cinque Terre
Italian Riviera
A winter evening in Portofino...
Italian riviera
Porto Venere

Where to stay ?


Very central location to visit all the Italian Riviera. It allows you to go back to Genoa easily where you can find many shops. Then it’s also the gateaway to visit the famous 5 lands villages.

What an hotel! A magical stay where everything was enchantment at the Astoria. A Best in class resort as we love them 🙂